Thursday, July 2, 2009

Telicota colon stinga (Pale Palm Dart)

Telicota colon stinga (Pale Palm Dart) - latest re-discovery of Singapore butterfly

The genus Telicota is one of the challenging to identify and distinguish from the look-alike species in the group, and definitely not easy to identify from field shots. However, I'm pleased to announce the re-discovery of the Telicota colon stinga (Pale Palm Dart) and added it to the Singapore Butterfly observation list.

I bred this skipper 2 years back on Guinea Grass but not until recently, when I learnt how to dissect butterflies and make meaningful comparison. After careful investigations and seeking advice from Malaysia butterflies expert, Dr Laurence Kirton, it was confirmed that this skipper indeed a Telicota colon stinga.

Explanation of the ID keys

Life History

Caterpillar Host Plants: Panicum maximum (Guinea Grass)

Head view of 4th instar larva:

Head view of 5th instar larva

Male genitalia view

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Further reading: Telicota colon by Don Herbison-Evans

Photo courtesy of ©Federick Ho

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