Saturday, September 26, 2009

Early stage of Tagiades gana gana (Large Snow Flat)


Tagiades gana gana (Large Snow Flat) is one of the commonest Flat found in Singapore & Peninsula Malaysia, and frequent the vicinities of forests.

In Singapore, this species feed on Dioscorea piscatorum, where the plant is wide spread from Peninsula Malaysia to Borneo. In Peninsula Malaysia, its also feeds on Dioscorea alata, D. glabra.

Early stage observation

Eggs are found singly on the upper surface of its host plant mature leaf, less than 1 m above group level. The larva make leaf shelter by cutting a small part of a leaf & folding it. The larva stays on the upperside of the shelter throughout 1 - 5 instar, even after changing the shelter when it grow bigger. Final instar larva reach about 35 mm in length. Pupation take place in the shelter, pupa length is about 22 mm. Pupa is greyish with pale orange-pink tint in color, and many dark brown spots. The pupa lacks the usual triangular white specks at the base & outer margin of forewing, make the identification easy.

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