Monday, December 21, 2009

Pocket Butterflies Singapore (Freeware)

Pocket Butterflies Singapore v1.1.0 (Freeware)
Pocket PC - Butterflies of Singapore
21 Dec 2009

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Pocket PC, All Win-Mobile, Dot.NET-CF 2.0, VGA, QVGA

Pocket Butterflies Singapore is an easy to use butterfly identification guide. It covers about 280+ butterflies in Singapore. Pocket Butterflies Singapore allows you to identify a butterfly by sight, whether you are a dedicated butterfly watcher or you just wish to know what butterflies visit your garden.

What's New
Ver 1.1
- GPS output file found in data folder (\Internal Storage\PBSdata\GPS\) is now in Google Earth file format, double click the file from your desktop will open Google Earth & show the location (Placemark) directly.

* Covering 280 + Singapore Butterflies
* Choose a 'watching' location or view a specific butterfly group.
* Full customization of the butterfly lists with the build-in Editor.
* Software shows Butterfly Image (male, female, upperside, underside whenever available) and Text Info.
* View butterfly lists in Latin name order or A-Z sorted order.
* View butterfly names in common naming or scientific 'Latin' naming.
* Easy to use when walking or watching butterflies in the field. Finger friendly operation.
* Save your personal butterfly observation notes on each butterfly.
* Save GPS location of butterfly & view in Google Earth
* 60mb of data files are stored on your SD / Storage Card, only 0.85mb in internal memory.
* For Windows Mobile Pocket-PC(VGA) and Windows Laptop/Desktop PC (next release).
* 38 User-defined butterfly category lists available (28 are pre-defined as default).
* Butterfly comparison feature.
* Storage Card detection feature.
* Cleaner, easier to use interface.
* Alter the program's text size.
* Scrollable specimen image (next release)

By downloading the software (Pocket Butterflies Singapore) you expressly agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

PBS Program - PBS_110_VGA_PPC.CAB (VGA version - 480 x 640) - Download size 0.6 MB

PBS Program - PBS_110_QVGA_PPC.CAB (QVGA version - 240 x 320) - Download size 0.6 MB

PBS - Data Part 1 - Download size 24.3 MB (temporary not avail)

PBS - Data Part 2 - Download size17.9 MB
(temporary not avail)

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  1. Hello cool program i was just asking my self what program did you make this one in ? my wife is a biologist as well and i want to try to make a simeler program for her pocket pc but about swedish animals and stuff.
    Could you pls help me?

  2. stefan, the program is written using Basic4PPC. Let me know if you're interested to have the source code.