Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Early stage of Graphium sarpedon luctatius (Common Bluebottle) 青凤蝶

Early Stage of Graphium sarpedon luctatius (Common Bluebottle) 青凤蝶

Common Bluebootle is one of the common butterfly which can be found in both Parks and Nature Reserves, due to plenty of host plant (Cinnamomum iners - Wild Cinnamon 樟树) available & planted almost everywhere in Singapore. The fast flying butterfly is usually found together with Blue Jay (Graphium Evemon) feeding (puddle) on the roadside seepages.

Both genders are look alike except for the scent fold on the hindwing of the male.

Caterpillar Host Plants: Cinnamomum iners (Loranthaceae), Persea odoratissima, Alseodaphne and Litsea.

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