Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why we need a new Singapore Butterflies Observation Checklist?

There're a couple of Singapore Butterflies Checklists available on internet today, mostly maintained by old time butterflies collectors, either with old sighting records, or are not updated.

The problem of such checklists is that, it's maintained with "secrecy", the additional of new or removal of old butterfly species was made unclear, not open & to certain extend, individual likeness.

Butterfly species such as Delias pasithoe parthenope (Red-Base Jezebel), is still kept in most of the checklist, while in actual fact, the butterflies had not been seen for at least the past donkey years. Photos used in such checklists were taken in the neighboring country, and posted in the local checklist.

Same for Iraota distanti distanti, also not sighted for long, and the photo illustrated in local website, is the individual captured by the butterflies collector, pinched on the body to make it immobile, and appear standing in weird & weak position.

Species such as Hebomoia glaucippe aturia (Great Orange Tip), was sighted only once in the recent year but also included in the checklist. A simple notes of such sighting will help to public to understand it's a single sighting (possibly migratory species) and not a local native species.

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