Thursday, October 20, 2011

eGuide to the Butterflies of Singapore

eGuide to the Butterflies of Singapore

After several months of wait, iPhone apps for Butterflies of Singapore finally ready to publish now available in App Store now!

This app features 263 species of butterflies from all 6 families (Swallowtails, Whites and Sulfurs, and Brush-footed, Metalmarks, Blues and Skipper) found in Singapore. With this apps, you can identify every species of butterflies in your gardens, parks and nature reserves with more than 600 well taken photographs.

Sample Screens on iPhone

You may use the app on your iPhone or iTouch or iPad anywhere, anytime. Internet connection is not necessary. With alphabetical list that you can scroll through and simple search tools, it’s easy to find the butterflies you are looking for.
Sample screen on iPad - photos and facts about the species

Sample screen on iPad (Landscape mode)

Looking for additional of 40 species in a upcoming update.

* Butterflies grouped in family
* Alphabetical list of butterflies with thumbnail images, common and scientific name
* Full colour photos of each butterflies

* Butterflies list sorted by common name
* Search by both common name & Scientific name
* Information on every species - habitat, size, color, status and more
* Nature Reserves and Parks information

Send me your suggestions, comments or requests. We also welcome submission of high quality photograph of butterflies and it will be make available to the rest of the users.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Patial life history of Melanocyma faunula (Pallid Faun)

Melanocyma faunula (Pallid Faun)

The butterfly is represented from Myanmar, Thailand & Peninsular Malaysia. It's a moderate size butterfly with wingspan of 90mm

During one of the visits to Malacca Butterflies Park in year 2007, a group of these caterpillars was found feeding on a Cycad palm.

5th instar caterpillar covered in fine hairs, with black head capsule.

The pupa is smooth, suspended by cremaster from the leaf of hostplant, and in bright yellow color.

Adult butterfly feeding on a pineapple, together with a Common Palmfly

In "Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula" by Corbet & Pendlebury ( 1992 ), plate 18, this species was wrong labelled Taenaris horsfieldii