Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Re-discovery of Deudorix staudingeri (The Large Cornelian)

Deudorix staudingeri (The Large Cornelian)

In year 2012, Gan CW, a senior member of Nature Society Singapore Butterfly Group photographed a larger than usual Cornelian looks alike butterfly. It was then identified as Cornelian (Deudorix epijarbas) but Gan noted it was larger then the usual Cornelian.

Until recently, with the help of Dr. TL Seow (a Malaysian butterfly expert), the butterfly then identified as The Deudorix staudingeri (The Large Cornelian).

Butterfly Description
The species is rare, known only from Singapore, P. Malaysia, Borneo and Nias (Indonesia). The Large Cornelian (D. staudingeri) may be confused with the commoner Cornelian (D. epijarbas), but on average it is larger. The male is deeper red  on upperside. On underside the white striae are poor, sullied whitish and fading, the dark striae are more prominent than in D. epijarbasAlways  with diffuse dark post-fiscal spots on hindwing.

Deudorix staudingeri (The Large Cornelian) - Photo by Gan CW

Photo of the Cornelian (Deudorix epijarbas) for comparison.
Deudorix epijarbas (Cornelian) - Photo by Jit Leang Foo
Special thanks:
  • Dr. TL Seow for his help in identifying the butterfly
  • Gan CW for sharing his finding
  • Jit-Leang Foo for allowing his photo to be share in the blog
  • Fellow NSS Butterfly Group member who participated in the discussion

  • The Butterflies of The Malay Peninsula, A.S. Corbet and H.M. Pendlebury, 4th Edition, Malayan Nature Society.

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