Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reappearence of Painted Lady butterfly in Singapore

On 7 Sep 2015, a Painted Lady Butterfly (Vanessa cardui) was sighted again since the last sighting in 2007 by fellow member of Butterfly of Singapore and malaysia group.

This time, it was sighted near to the location where the species first found - near the Bukit Panjang Nursery, by member of Butterflies of Singapore and  Malaysia group - Cerlin Ng.

Photo by Cerlin Ng
Photo by Cerlin Ng
To clarify the doubt of many, this is not an American visitor and not American specific butterfly, calling it American visitor is misleading. In the actual fact, the butterfly species can be found all over the world on every continent except Antarctica and South America.

Photo by Alvesgaspar

Similar to the previous encounters, they are found in very pristine condition, thus casting doubt on the theory that the butterfly migrated from elsewhere (e.g. Malaysia, India or even America??). Even in Malaysia, this butterfly is rare and have not been seen for years. It was mentioned in the Popular Butterfly Book (Butterfly of Malay Peninsular) that it is a highland species and common at Cameron Highlands.
One theory is that it could be brought in together with the many plants imported from Malaysia especially Cameron Highland, hatched in nursery, and further depart from the nursery to other location in Singapore.

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