Monday, October 19, 2015

Butterfly Photo Identification

Continue on the earlier posting about OpenCV, Deep Learning and Butterfly, the end result we have is a wonderful online service:

NSS Butterfly Photo Identification (BPI)

BPI currently support identification of over 300 butterfly species found in Singapore. It's a world first to deploy such service for identification of butterfly species.

BPI took extra care for several difficult to identify butterfly genus (e.g. Arhopala sp., Mycalesis sp. & Potanthus sp.,) by covering species found in Malaysia and Thailand. Thus users from Malaysia and Thailand able to use BIP to identify the 3 genus of butterflies species with more confidence!

BPI proven to be useful not only to beginner but also amateur and advance butterfly watcher. With the launch of skipper edition, BPI immediately pointed out a new species of Potanthus found locally and that lead to the discovery of the new Potanthus ganda (Ganda Dart) recently.

Special acknowledgement:
BIP would not success without the help of peoples like Gan CW, Anuj, Lena Chow, many of NSS friendsFederick HoDr. Seow TL; Jonathan Crall, Jason Parham and other great developers from IBEIS.

Interesting link:
They are other similar services available online:

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