Friday, February 12, 2010

Hasora badra badra (Common Awl) - Additional Information

The Hasora badra badra (Common Awl), well known to feed on Derris trifoliata (Common/Sea Derris) and common near back-mangrove areas such as SBWR and Ubin Island in Singapore.

(Earlier post on Early stage of Hasora badra badra (Common Awl))

Recently, I came across a caterpillars of this butterfly, at forested area instead of the usual back-mangrove, the hostplant seems to be some species of Derris.

The caterpillar are bred to adulthood and confirmed to be Hasora badra badra (Common Awl).

Derris sp.

4th instar larva

5th instar larva

Fresh pupa


Male genitalia of Hasora badra

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