Sunday, October 24, 2010

A notes of NEW butterflies species recorded in Singapore & who found them

This notes was prepared by comparing the Latest Singapore Butterflies Observation List against the Bible of butterflies reference - "The Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula 4th Edition".
Reference Website: NSS Butterflies Sighting records

Family : Papilionidae
Graphium doson evemonides (Common Jay) - (2004) Richard Ong

Family : Pieridae
Pieris canidia canidia (Cabbage White) - (2001) Simon Chan
Hebomoia glaucippe aturia (Great Orange Tip) - (2004) Richard Ong

Family : Nymphalidae
Acraea violae (Tawny Coster) - (2006) Rey Aguila
Cethosia cyane (Leopard Lacewing) - (2005) ?
Vanessa indica indica (Indian Red Admiral) - (2008) James Chia
Vanessa cardui (Painted Lady) - (2007) Horace Tan
Hypolimnas bolina jacintha (Jacintha Eggfly) - (2001) Simon Chan and Gan CW
Doleschallia bisaltide ?bisaltide (Autumn Leaf) - (1999) Andrea, Steven Neo
Athyma pravara helma (Lance Sergeant) - ?
Lebadea martha malayana (Knight) - (2005) Khew SK
Lexias dirtea merguia - ?

Family : Lycaenidae
Megisba malaya sikkima  (The Malayan) - ?
Zizeeria maha serica (Pale Grass Blue) - (2001) Steven Neo
Nacaduba biocellata (Two Spotted Line Blue) - (2004) Federick Ho
Catopyrops ancyra (Ancyra Blue) - (2005) Soon Chye
Petrelaea dana dana (Dingy Line Blue) - ?
Sinthusa nasaka amba (Narrow Spark) - ?
Pratapa deva relata (White Royal) - (2008) Richard Ong
Deudorix staudingeri (The Large Cornelian) - (2012) Gan CW

Family : Hesperiidae
Bibasis sena uniformis (Orange-Tail Awl) - (2002) Gan CW
Pseudocoladenia dan dhyana (Fulvous Pied Flat) - (2002) Steven Neo, Simon Chan
Suastus gremius gremius (Palm Bob) - ?
Suastus everyx everyx - ?
Zela zenon - ?
Taractrocera archias quinta - ?
Telicota linna (Linna Palm Dart) - (2010) Soon Chye
Cephrenes trichopepla (Yellow Palm Dart) - (1999) Kelvyn Dunn
Pelopidas conjunctus conjunctus (Conjoined Swift) - (2005) Soon Chye
Pelopidas assamensis (Great Swift) - (2002) Khew SK, Steven Neo, Gan CW
Pelopidas agna agna (Little Branded Swift) - (2010) Soon Chye
Borbo cinnara cinnara (Formosan Swift) - (2010) Soon Chye
Hyarotis microsticta (White Club Flitter) - 2015 (Yik Shih), 2007 (Soon Chye)
Potanthus ganda (The Ganda Dart) - (2015) Soon Chye

1. NSS = Nature Society (Singapore), most of the new records came from this group in early 2000.
2. Records marked as ? was recorded by some earlier authors.

Last updated on 9 Oct 2015

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Early stage of Badamia exclamationis (Brown Awl)

The adult of Brown Awl is not often seen in Singapore, but it's definitely not rare as described by the early author, the species & their larva has been found in several location such as CCA, SBG, MOG & SBWR.

The adult visits flowers, and sometimes spotted stop on damp rock but usually found hide under leaf.